The Family Journey Co-Lab seeks to improve the lives of children, youth, families and the institutions that serve them through co-lab-orative research and program design, training and coursework, and consultation and workshops. Learn More through the links below.

The Family Journeys Co-Lab at Work

FJC Members, Andrea Hussong and Rachel Petrie join with the Society for Research on Adolescents COVID-19 Response Team.

Families from the Raising Grateful Children study help us understand adolescent and family changes during the pandemic. RSAP and JEA publications available and special issue commentary at JRA.

UNC Carlina Arts and Sciences Magazine covers FJC work on adolescence and the pandemic and our new scholar-community partnerships Care-To-Share.

Research & Program DesignTraining & CoursesConsultation & Workshops
Complex Identities in Today’s Youth
Good Gifts Project
Gratitude Conversations Program
Millennials Friendship Study
Raising Grateful Children
REAL-U Study
Social Media and Identity Study
Youth in the Word Study
P395: Independent Study
IDST101: College Student Thriving
P825: Clinical Externship Supervision

No openings for 2021-2022 or for graduate students entering 2022-23.
CityWise Parenting Program
LSS Resilient Families Program
Integrative Data Analysis
NIMH Pre-Teen Suicide Roundtable
Wellness Workshops