ASU Workshop Materials

Love Consortium: IDA Workshop Handout

Example Cross Walk

Harmonization Activity: GRID and ITEMS and our Cross-Study Harmonization of Depression Grid *ADDED*

Example of Cross Study Operating Guidelines (with authorship guidelines and concept paper template)

Examples of Analysis Documentation:  Hussong STTR Paper Update_021617

Additional Support Materials

Link to IDA website with articles and more information

Link to the Open Science Movement and Registering Hypotheses

Resources on Team Science

Bauer sample MPLUS code and link to simulated data set: Bauer, D.J. (2017). A more general model for testing measurement invariance and differential item functioningPsychological Methods, 22, 507-526. doi: 10.1037/met0000077. PMCID: PMC5140785. Also Available: Supplemental material demonstrating how to fit the model in Mplus.

Another worked example:  Curran, P.J., McGinley, J.S., Bauer, D.J., Hussong, A.M., Burns, A., Chassin, L., Sher, K., & Zucker, R. (2014). A moderated nonlinear factor model for the development of commensurate measures in integrative data analysisMultivariate Behavioral Research, 49, 214-231, doi: 10.1080/00273171.2014.889594.  Also Available: Full MNLFA model can now be estimated with Mplus v. 7.3 or higher (including discrete items), see Annotated Mplus Example.

Gottfredson et al. (in press) article for R-package to partially automate MNLFA model building (aMNLFA)

Hussong et al. (in press) STTR article