Fall 2018 Lab

Mission Statement

The Family Journeys Co-Lab (FJ Co-Lab) aims to translate interdisciplinary research into programs designed to support children, their families, and the institutions that serve them. Our focus is on preventing harm and promoting well-being across the first three decades of life. Through collaborations (or Co-Labs) with scientists, providers, community partners, and families, we seek to create knowledge, tools, and programs that nurture healing and thriving, particularly in opportunity (formerly termed at-risk) contexts.

The Co-Lab

The FJ Co-Lab director, Dr. Andrea Hussong, is a NC-licensed clinical psychologist, UNC-CH professor, and federally funded researcher with over 25 years of experience studying the development of risk and resilience in a variety of populations. The Co-Lab aims to be a dynamic set of intersecting partnerships that engage in applied research and training. These partnerships include early career scientists at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels.

Strategic Aims

Our strategic plan is necessarily fluid, given the fickle nature of funding (especially in these uncertain times). Thus, our goals are aspirational and our pursuit of them balances purposeful and opportunistic actions, allowing us to be flexible, efficient, and effective. These goals include:

  • Translating research into tools and programs that will directly impact children and families.
  • Conducting applied research to inform the development of such tools and programs.
  • Advancing methods for studying development and family processes.
  • Training early career scientists in the study of family journeys.
  • Disseminating findings to key stakeholders who serve and represent children, youth, and families.