A new world..

    2020. A new world that pulls our attention in several directions at once. That puts the big issues front and center. That calls us to be better people than we have ever been. That requires us to think, feel and act beyond the self. To connect with others. To celebrate others. To learn from others. Embracing this shift, I have closed the era of the Developmental Risk and Resilience Lab and entered into a new one marked by collaboration. Or, as I call it, Co-Laboration. The Family Journeys Co-Laboration. Rejecting the ill-fitting role of academic as expert, I aspire to join with communities from all walks of life to address problems that confront children, youth and families in their daily lives. I have no idea what the future holds, but our youth and young adults are brave, bold, and ready for change. And in them is hope. 6.25.20