Throughout the Fall 2021 semester, students in Psychology 471 (Adolescent Development) studied the unfurling impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent development. In small groups, they reviewed relevant scientific studies, conducted interviews with youth, focused on specific school contexts, identified key challenges, and developed prototype solutions to address those challenges. The culmination of their work is presented in the 15-minute videos that follow.

Project NameVideo Presentation
Summer Geoscience Expeditations & Internships Prototype LINK
The Developing Leaders Partnership LINK
Creating a More Flexible Classroom LINK
Wellness Club LINK
Peer Wellness Program LINK
Passing the Torch: A Leadership Symposium LINK
Feelings Forward LINK
Wellness Workshop Days LINK

We are indebted to the many youth who volunteered their time to interview, to the teachers who connected us with students, and to the schools who supported this work even in the midst of their own burden. We hope that some of the ideas presented here will be helpful to schools as they face re-entry challenges. And, Dr. Hussong, offers her services to support schools or youth serving organizations in ways they deem helpful in the year ahead.