Research and Program Design

Our research focuses on the pathways that children and their families travel through challenge and well-being. Collectively, this work encompasses the first three decades of development and highlights processes related, at the individual-level, to subsance use and related mental health challenge as well as gratitude and other-focused actions (e.g., civic engagement, social justice beliefs). Social context, including families, peers, and societal structures, are emphasized in this work. We also pursue the development of novel methods and approaches to understanding family journeys and children’s lived experiences.

Our portfolio spans generative applied research that maps developmental processes to the creation of prevention and intervention programs. We pursue this work through collaborations with research scholars and practitioners. In this way, the FJ Co-Lab functions as a set of interconnected teams rather than a single lab-based group.

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Programs & Intervention ToolsApplied Research
The Family Stories ProgramRaising Grateful Children (RGC)
Gratitude ConversationsThe REAL-U and MFS Studies
The Good Gifts ProjectThe Context Study
Self-Care through Self-MassageRGC during COVID-19
Virtual Reality and Parenting in Recovery
Parenting in an Increasingly Diverse World
Themes in our Research Portfolio
Diversity-Related Work
Methodological Work (including Integrative Data Analysis)
Pathways to Substance Use and Disorder