The Family Stories Program

Intervention research is both a means of translating the findings of basic science into program and services that impact individual lives as well as a methodological design for isolating the potential causes of dysfunction.  We developed the Family Stories Program with both of these aims in mind.

The Family Stories Program is a 14-session preventive intervention for pre-school aged children of parents with an alcohol or drug use problem. The curriculum is informed by research on early-emerging pathways of risk for substance use and disorder and is delivered by MA-level clinicians to caregivers in treatment for addictions and their co-parents.  The program is informed by Needs Assessment and Recruitment Feasibility studies funded by the UNC-CH NC-Tracs Program and University Research Council. We have evaluated feasibility of program implementation as well as degree of family engagement and retention in the curriculum in a small pilot study. Efficacy trials are planned for the future.